Booking a treatment with SWISSHOMESPA is simple and convenient, but there are some guidelines to know before-hand to make your experience a smooth one.


  • Payment – All payments are made by cash or paypal.  If calling ahead, it is advised that you pay by paypal to avoid any wait time on the day of your appointment.
  • Showing For Your Session – On the day of your session, normally you will only need your Confirmation email.
  • All Sales Are Final – Once you have booked your session with SWISSHOMESPA, your payment is thereafter locked in and will not be refunded under any normal operating circumstances except a 48h in advance cancellation.
  • Missing Your Scheduled Time – Sessions that you have paid for will NOT be refunded if you miss your scheduled time. You can call to give notice that you will be late by a reasonable amount of time, but all sales are final. Rescheduling within a reasonable amount of time, if possible, is at the discretion of SWISSHOMESPA and is in no way a guarantee that this will be done.
  • You understand and respect our company’s policy: Every therapist who is contractor of SWISSHOMESPA, who signs the contract, will respect our general conditions to behave properly with our clients, the client is forbidden to propose work directly or indirectly to therapist except paying to SWISSHOMESPA, this condition remains available for one year after your first contact. In the event of non-compliance with this term, you would be obliged to pay immediately to us, as a penalty clause, a compensation which will be calculated according to the suffered prejudice.