I’m an experienced PT as well as Pilates teacher. As a PT I can tailor a program which is right for you and your abilities. I think it’s important to have fun while you’re training and at the same time I’m not afraid to challenge you! The training can take place outside or in your home. 

I took a break from being a PT when I had my children. I had difficult pregnancies which left me with back pain as well as inflammations in my neck and arm. I took up Pilates and my pains gradually disappeared completely. Pilates is the perfect discipline to alleviate pains and to correctly work core muscles. I then trained to become a Pilates instructor a few years ago. In my view, Pilates goes beyond traditional work outs, it’s a way of life. I personalize classes to my clients or groups. Anything from classic Pilates exercises to Pilates classes combined with cardio. I also give Pilates sessions to pregnant women. 

I’m looking forward working out together with you!

Eva Gonzalez.

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